Elixa Connect technology allows integration of the door dispenser access systems and enables level-monitoring and usable data.

How the Elixa dispenser system works

Elixa Connect is an innovative new system for complete control of your dispensers, making entrances the first line of defence against infection. Providing product level monitoring at an affordable price.

The Ingenia product range is made in our state of the art UK production facility

“The use of public hand hygiene stations should be obligatory before passing the threshold of the entrance to any building and to any means of public transport”

World Health Organisation recommendations to Member States to improve hand hygiene practices to help prevent the transmission of the COVID-19, April 2020.

No power required.

Utilising passive technology inside the dispenser, power is not required. A bridging device serves multiple dispensers, connecting them with the site access control system and a web portal to display data.

Integrates with access control.

Integrating with any type of access control system available, working in conjunction with the RFID reader, Elixa Connect can be used to prohibit door access until the user has sanitised their hands.

Easily managed from a web portal.

Data is harvested to provide the site janitor with a web-based portal where dispenser product levels can be easily monitored, substantially reducing site maintenance time. The portal provides analytics, reporting, and even 3D mapping.

Unmatched pre/post sales support.

Full pre and post-sales support is offered by Ingenia to distributors, including site surveys, fitting and servicing.

Benefits of Elixa Connect

Reduce waste

No need to throw away when there is 15% left in the cartridge. Your app will be able to tell you when there is just 1 shot left.

Monitor footfall

Elixa Connect give you the ability to show high traffic where other products may need to be used.


From our install, we have seen a 82% reduction in time that dispensers are empty, providing safer enviroments.

Monitor uptake

The dedicated web-based portal accessable through any web browser connects to your system through the internet and allows access to data that will advise key metrics on individuals and teams.

Time saving

Time is money after all, on average Elixa Connect provides a 36% reduction in overall cleaning hours required.

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