Introduction to Elixa

Aug 20, 2021

The Elixa dispenser system concept was born from a desire at Ingenia Life Solutions to reinvent a professional skin care dispenser with a full range of product for applications from medical to industrial.  Ingenia Life Solutions is part of Ingenia Ltd, a company head quartered in Bristol with over 45 years of experience in manufacturing.

What was the vision for Elixa?

We wanted Elixa to be 100% UK made and utilise the modern production facility of Ingenia Life Solutions to produce the cartridge products, to a better quality, at a more competitive price level, in a more sustainable way.

What was the need for Elixa?

Mass sanitisation has meant a huge quantity of bulk-fill dispensers have been thrown up on walls everywhere.  These bulk-fill dispensers very quickly become unhygienic where a special kind of mould starts to form on soap residue. Our new fitting service should help to bring these back off walls and help them to be replaced with a professional system.

How does Elixa differ from the competition?

Competitor systems are well established in the market. However, they’ve based their manufacture of product abroad, contributing to major supply issues that were then inflicted upon their distributors as the Covid-19 crisis hit the United Kingdom. These existing systems are relatively old now, and we wanted to bring a totally modern approach to the market.  Ingenia works through a well thought-out distributorship network to deliver its products and services.  This will include the all-new dispenser fitting service, where not only are the dispensers a give-away item, but Ingenia will also send personnel to carry out the fitting on site.  This service is free of charge, subject to MOQs.

Cartridges for Elixa

The range of cartridge products made by Ingenia Life Solutions under the brand name Ingen, are very comprehensive, from anti-bac hand soap to types of sanitisers, to moisturising creams including sun-block. Ingenia also offer custom product, where we can cartridge your own custom product.

Custom Branding

Own branding is possible right across the system. From the dispenser itself to the cartridge labels, to the labels that are applied to the dispensers to identify the product.  This way you can inherit the whole system, adopting it to create your very own branded professional skin care system.

Elixa Connect

Within the Ingenia group is a company specialising in creating solutions around RFID (Radio Frequency ID). We have wielded this knowledge to maximum effect by creating a connected dispenser option, named ElixaConnect.  ElixaConnect enabled dispensers communicate with a web-based portal allowing building janitors unparalleled control and visibility of every dispenser across their facility.  ElixaConnect allows the monitoring of levels of product in each dispenser and can integrate with the building access control system if desired. This means access through a door can be prohibited until the user has sanitised.

Distributor in the medical, janitorial, industrial markets?  Company struggling to gain control of your skin care effectiveness and costs?  Get in touch with the friendly Ingenia sales team today to discuss your requirement!

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