Welcome to our new website

Jun 9, 2021

Welcome to our brand new website. Here at Ingenia Life Solutions, we believe that we should never stop innovating to create the best products to help keep professionals safe in the environments they work in. You can read more about our heritage HERE.

That’s why we’ve created a brand new website to reflect the launch of Elixa, our brand new dispenser designed to be the very best in Professional Skin Care.

We designed this website to make it easier than ever to view our range of products and find the perfect solution for you. Our website has a familiar & clean design complete with intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation. Designed with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information most relevant to you.

We also introduced a news section where you can find the latest from us and sneak peeks into the latest products we are working on. You can also find a resource library with a range of links to helpful guides and PDF’s

We want to know what you think, whether you’re new around here or an existing customer please tell us what you think of our new website. Send your feedback to info@ingenia.co.uk

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