The complete skin cleaning and care system with Ingen and Elixa

Elixa is a complete skin cleaning and care dispenser system for professionals. Ingen is a full range of product embracing hand soap, barrier and restorative skin creams, and different kinds of sanitisers for applications from industrial to healthcare. All Ingen and Elixa products are made in the United Kingdom from the most sustainable materials available.


All Elixa wall dispensers are made in Britain and extend to a full range of washroom products. Site surveys and fitting services are available upon application.

Ingen has a full range of products, including hand soaps, barrier and restorative creams, and different types of sanitisers that can be used across all sectors from industrial to healthcare.

The addition of Elixa Connect technology allows integration of the door dispenser access systems and enables level- monitoring and usable data.

Elixa Connect is an innovative new system for complete control of your dispensers, making entrances the first line of defence against infection. Providing product level monitoring at an affordable price.

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