Our commitment to the environment

Jul 28, 2021

Here at Ingenia Life Solutions, we care about the impact we have on the environment. We only have one planet after all. That’s why we are proud to not only comply but to exceed all regulatory requirements and procedures. So here are the various ways in which that we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and create products that are eco-friendly.

Product Development

We are always innovating and creating the very best products in professional skincare, as it is our objective to make workplaces the safest, they can be. It’s very important to us that when we are designing new products, that we are looking at the very latest environmentally sensitive materials and technology.


Plastics are clogging up our natural world, that’s why we are committed to reducing wastage. We use environmentally sympathetic products whenever possible. Likewise, we have a robust recycling system to make it as easy as possible for our employees to save on wastage.

We also use reduced packaging in our products, you won’t find layer upon layer of unnecessary wrapping, only what’s required to ensure our products are delivered safely and securely.

Power Consumption

We are proud to be a British based manufacturer of all of our products made at home at our HQ. However, we are aware that this means we are consuming power to keep the wheels turning. We, therefore, felt it was important to implement stringent power practices to ensure we are consuming only what we need.

For example, we have an auto lighting system in place, ensuring that all lights are off when we aren’t working. Likewise, we have a strict policy to make that all machinery is turned off when not in use.


Finally, we make it a priority to share our mission with our employees, ensuring that they are educated on the reasons why we need to be conscious of our impact on our environment. We are also always looking for new ideas/suggestions on how we can better protect the world that’s around us.

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